Wednesday, 30 January 2008

#### SeHaRi bErSaMa iQbAl####

Juz for fun. heheh activity Iqbal for a day. Most of the time dia main jer la. Tak per la this is the time for him to develop his mind ngan his own imagination. And I realize he getting pandai & pandai everyday. Am dedicate this journal for my boy. Hopefully, went you grow up you will noticed what have done this thing. Happy reading :)

  • 8.30am: Wake up. Going to the loo, wee wee, basuh bebird & berus gigi (suka ngelat gak)
  • 8.35am: Watching TV Favor-Thomas & Friends, CBeebies & BBC2 Channel
  • 9.00am: "Cucu" mintak susu ler for breakfast tak makan sangat. Kekdg makan biskut.
  • 10.00am: Sambung tengok TV - non stop sampai mata tutup for nap.
  • 11.00am: Tengok TV & main toys (Safari set, Thomas&Friends, Bob the Builder, can we fix it, cars)-Cucu lagi
  • 11.30am: Change nappy & mandi
  • 12.00pm: Lunch (nasi kena pujuk, suka makan kuih-jemput jagung, puding jagung, fried chicken ble habis 1 drumstick, potato sup + fucuk & soohoon, goreng pisang & keledek, banana & any fruits)
  • 1.00pm: Sambung main lagi- mulut pun bising membebel mcm main ngan kengkwn.
  • 2.00pm: Cucu lagi
  • 3.00pm: Nap sekejap lps kena pujuk & mama pun nap kejap but TV kena on nak tgk "Atoon"(cartoon ler) sampai dia lelap
  • 5.30pm: Bangun, main toys, ais cream & biskut
  • 7.00pm: Cucu lagi
  • 7.30pm: berendam dlm bath tab sambil main ngn toys + mandi
  • 8.00pm: Dinner suka potato sup & ayam goreng & Mee goreng
  • 9.00pm: Study-bila tgk papa sibuk buat assignment (ahaks. suka tulis@conteng kat buku2 dia ngan pen)
  • 10.00pm: Main lagi ngan papa kalau papa free. Yah Yah (Power rangers)
  • 11.00pm: Mama nak cucu. Susu lagi. (Kerap susu dah la susu sini mahal-compare 2 RM ler 7pound per 900gm per week)
  • 12.00am: Masuk bilik & tidur (Lepas off semua lampu)-tu pun dia slalu bg alasan "nak bam uar" (nak tido kat luar@depan TV) sbb ble main lagi. Tiap kali nak tido papa kena "bok bok" (tepuk bontot) & "awu awu" garu blkg Iqbal. Mama kena selawat dia pun ikut sama sampai lelap.

Itula paparan sehari bersama Iqbal. sekarang dah besar tak der buat perangai sangat. Alhamdulillah. Next month you will become 2. Big boy dah my darling Iqbal. Mama & Papa sayang Iqbal.

Monday, 28 January 2008

****gOoD sToRy To ReVeAl****

Hi Gud morning everyone. It is the right title? See the above pictures. That are my babies. I am pregnant again. Most of my close friends know already. I am a mama of Iqbal and I am going to be mama of twin as well. Now am 18weeks pregnant. The pictures taken during 13 & 16 weeks. We really shocked during our first visit to ultra sounds department, North Manchester General Hospital. The sonographer told us that it is TWIN. Mama saw papa keep on smiling along the way back home. His shared the news with his friend. And we both called nenek & tok mak to informed them. Thanks to Allah cause we have been chosen as a parent of twin. And Iqbal is going to have 2 adik at the same time. Ahaks Macam mana abang long (Iqbal) layan adik2 nanti.

I've been informed by the doctor that my twin is sharing one placenta (Monochorionic Diamniotic) with two amniotic sacs. I heard a lot about the complication of this types of pregnancy. But hopefully everything is going fine. I've been advised by Kak Eta (mom's of identical twin as well) she said don't bother with other people said, but don't forget to pray to Allah. And keep on baca doa. InsyaAllah semua nya selamat. Thanks Kak Eta (She's pregnant her 6th child now). Have something to ask you. Will email you soon.

InsyaAllah I will be expecting on 2nd July 2008. Alhamdulillah all the sickness had gone after my first trimester. But now my appetite plak very good. Mintak la dpt turun balik after deliver nanti. Will start consuming HL back after delivery. The twin will be our buah tangan for family kat Malaysia nanti. Hehehe tak sabar rasanya. Am I a gOoD mAma?

Stoke-on-Trent Spree

Last Thursday (24 Jan 08) we went to Stoke-on-Trent. Actually this is unplanned trip. Bangun jer pagi papa decide to go. Apa lagi mama as usual cepat jer agree sbb boleh jalan2. Iqbal looks so happy eventho he have not enough sleep last night. We breakfast at Subway coz papa want to use the coupon GBP1.99 per set. Then, straight to Stoke-on-Trent. The journey took about one hour and we arrived at Portmeirion Potteries, Longton at 11.00am. Apa lagi start shopping. We bought one set (not complete set actually) of Botanic Roses. Design Warm Wishes. Nice peach/pink roses. Here we spent almost GBP130. Ok la bila lagi nak datangkan. Buah tangan from UK. This is after 50% sale you know.

Then we went to Wedgwood Factory Shop. To me, I am not interested with the tableware here. Dalam tak menarik pun beli gak tea cup (GBP2)+ saucer(GBP0.56)each. Set of 4 and 3 hexagonal plates for 1pound each. Ok la.

Sam still want his Royal Doulton, as a good wife I have to follow him. ahaks. (Hooray dapat Royal Doulton plak lepas nih). So, we went to Doulton & Company Outlet Superstore. The sale is up to 80% discount. Sebab kan hati mmg dah lama nak Royal Albert, so we bought one dinner set of Royal Albert for GBP80. Design old country roses. Yang best lagi we bought a few tea cup, saucer & plates for GBP0.20 each.

After we completed our mission we went back at 4.30pm. Tapi punya la teruk jammed dia. Almost 4 hours on the motoway baru sampai rumah. Tension betul. Nasib la shopping gak pinggan mangkuk terubat semua tuh. Thank you papa. I love you so much.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Bad Things Happen......

Last Sunday was a very bad day for papa. Why? See the pic. Somebody has broke the car's window. Modis operandy of course want to get papa's sat nav (satelite navigator). Thanks to Allah papa always bring home his sat nav, but they still get the sat nav kits (stand & car adapter). Kesian papa. A few more our neighbours car also had been broken. Papa spent almost 50 pound to change the window (of course with the second hand window, ori mahal lol). Nak sedap kan hati lagi papa bought the new sat nav kits from Argos for 20pound and vacuum the car.

Actually, this is the common case happen in this area. One of the MCCH (Malaysian Community Cheetham Hill) got the same problem and the other one his car had been stolen. Pity him. Alhamdulillah papa nya tak seteruk mana.

Window front door (mama's seat tu), and the dashboard had been open. Kaca pecah berderai.

The brick that had been used to break the window. very big kan. Hopefully no more cases like this happen. InsyaAllah.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Trip to Albert Dock, Liverpool

Ni pun trip for last year, on 17 November 07. We don't have the car yet, so papa rent the car with Uncle Poeng & Uncle Hafizan. Actually, we went there for the picnic, but unfortunately, its too cold outside. but still jugak nak outing. Mama & Auntie Nor pun prepared la pot luck for the picnic. mama masa ni mabuk2 skit, yer la I am expecting kan. Now, still in first trimester. Mama just prepared nasi & BBQ chicken. Auntie Nor yang prepared macam2. berselera semua orang. Iqbal & Azim suka dapat play around, but pity baby Mardhiah, she's tak selesa sbb sgt ler sejuk kat luar nih. More pictures to share with you all.
Liverpool Trip

(pls click on the pics)

Back to Autumn

Eventho, now is winter already, but I still choosed Autumn as the topic for today. We went to Withworth Park on 8 November 07 (dah lama giler). Located next to pApa's Uni. Supposely, today papa have the autumn football game with his coursemate, but last minutes canceled due to rainy day. Since we are here apa lagi take some snaps please.

University of Manchester Withworth Park

(pls click on the pics.)

Alang-alang dah sampai sini Uncle Hafizan suggest to visit the museum. We all agree jer. yer la dpt gak tgk museum kan. and it is free. The pictures as below. Lets have a look. :)

University of Manchester Museum

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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Pictures of Scotland

Scotland Trip

(Click on the photo)

Trip to Scotland

Actually dah lama tak memblog since we moved to our new apartment at 16 Larch Garden (will show the pics later). Sbbnya tak der internet connection lagi. During papa's semester break (cristmas + new year) kitorang pi jalan2 ke Scotland with papa's new car. Ni antara gambar yang sempat diambik, selebih nya just using vedio cam. We started our journey on 29 Dec 07 (Saturday) ke Glasgow. Day 1 just the travel day, arrived Glasgow at night already (well winter night started at 4.00pm). first place to visit Celtic stadium. Masa ni tengah ada game so cepat2 ambik gambar and grab a few survinior and terus checked in at Premier Travel In Glasgow. The next day Sunday 30 Dec 07) pagi2 lagi dah bertolak ke Barchain Car boot and Traders. Iqbal got a lot of his cars here. Lepas ni we went to William Wallace Monument. He is the Scottish worrior. Dia hero la dlm film Brave Heart. Lepas masing keletihan panjat bukit nak ke monument tu sampai la ke puncaknya. Sampai jer terus possing and papa cari survinior kat gift shop.
Then, we went to Stirling Castle. Very nice and big castle (of course on the hill as well) easy to monitor his tanah jajahan. From the castle we can see the Wallace Monument. Lepas ni kita travel lagi to the north part of Scotland. ke Inverness. Overnight kat Premier Travel In Inverness plak. Next day (31 Dec 07-Monday) we went to Abiemore ke Carngorm Mountain. Chased for the snow. hehehe. ye la alang2 sampai sini nak ler merasa main snow. Sampai jer papa bought the train tickets ke puncak. papa and Iqbal asyik main snow. mama just record the moment guna video cam. sbb kasut mama licin. Not suitable for outdoor activity. Sejuk sangat sampai Iqbal yg ajak papa masuk dlm building. Spent almost a day kat sini, Then we went to Dundee. overnight kat situ. Celebrate new year. the next day (1 Jan 08- Tuesday) we went to Edinburgh. Along the journey we stopped at St. Andrew, the place where Nor doing her A-Level. Sampai Edinburgh dah start hujan and kena parking kereta mmg jauh sesangat sbb public holiday ramai orang visit ke Edinburgh Castle. So we decide to stay dlm car while papa turun looking for the survinior lagi.

Ni post Iqbal main snow. kaku kejap sbb mmg sejuk sesangat. Best tengok org tgh skiing. Papa kena pendam kan hasrat nak skiing sebab macam dah tak sempat dengan hujan plak.
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